Life plan

Helps me with my mental and physical health.

Fun, positive vibes

Great speaking voice and quality material from a trusted personality. Spencer Hughes is the embodiment of cool calmness. The topics covered are useful and beneficial for anyone. Thank you.

Feed your mind...

The late Zig Ziglar advised us to feed "the good, the clean, the pure, the powerfully, the optimistic" into our minds each day. Spencer is one the few out there helping us do that.

A glimmer of light in a dark world

From the forests of Mason County, Washington comes Spencer Hughes with his beautiful podcast... I have loved listening to Spencer over many years from his days as a talk show host in Sacramento. He was born for this! Listen and lighten your worㅣd...

A breathe of fresh air...

We all get caught up in the negativity that surrounds us everywhere and to a point let it consume us. It’s really refreshing to come to a place where you can just focus on the positive things in life...


Excellant speaker.

It’s a beautiful world out there

Spencer is a great talk show/podcast host. Watching and listening to him on this journey has been great. He has chosen to see the world in it’s beauty, and to offer that perspective to the rest of us. Sometimes you need to see things, not with your eyes, but with your heart.

Awesome, Awesome and Awesome

This is what the world needs, positivity and love. Spencer Hughes shares stories and his view to make the world a better place, one podcast at a time. Hughes from the Heart shares good news stories, ways to become a better person, to think more positive and so much more. The podcast and host are…


THIS is the kind of stuff I want to listen to! Positivity, simple human kindness, respect—those are my fuel. Thanks for making my days brighter, Spencer!

A shot of light in the dark

Great variety of positive messages brought through an authentic voice. Hughes from the Heart is a fun and heartwarming podcast that will brighten your day and maybe even teach you something!

Nice Break from the Dark Side

With social media and mainstream news droning on about all that’s wrong in the world, Hughes from the Heart offers a welcome respite by focusing on the exact opposite. Intelligent, interesting, and uplifting listening produced by a seasoned professional broadcaster. Well done.