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Hughes From The Heart

Hughes From The Heart

Positivity and good energy are exactly what we all need more of today. Hughes From The Heart focuses on health and wellness, mindfulness, meditation, minimalism, the Law of Attraction, the power of the mind, self empowerment, and news stories showcasing good people doing good things in a good world. All are welcome and please feel free to share with everyone you know! My premium content can be found on Patreon with various tier levels for all budgets. Thanks to all of you who are working to make the world a better place.

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Recent Episodes

The Seven Universal Laws of Hermeticism

June 19, 2023

This is a FASCINATING subject! I would have read on these laws and studied them back when I was in high school or college but it was considered "The Occult" back then and frowned upon by organized religions. STILL IS! I'd lo…

Our Cell Phones Make Us Dumb--Even When They Are Just Nearby!!

April 5, 2023

Never mind BEING on a cell phone--what about just having one nearby? Turns out they don't have to be turned on to distract us and mess up our cognitive mojo! Please support the Podcast at Patreon or by donating to my Venmo:R…

Why Are Some People Always Late?

April 3, 2023

Are you always late? Or do you know someone who is? Here is a fascinating episode on WHY this may be! Please show some love and support by subscribing to the Podcast today. We are heard in 48 countries and well over 800 glob…

Human Immortality In the Next 8 Years?!?!

March 29, 2023

What is this obsession with living FOREVER?? Would I like to live longer than average if I'm healthy and happy? Sure! But FOREVER?? NOBODY ever thinks this out...want to pay taxes for the next 10 million years?? You may live…

How Our Friends Can Affect Our Health

March 28, 2023

The friends you choose can affect your health, for better and for worse! Thanks for your support. I need you to please show some more love and sign up to the daily Podcast . Or a donation to my Venmo would be greatly appreci…

Where Are All My Peeps?? Please Check In with Me!!

March 15, 2023

The Podcast is currently heard in 48 countries and over 820 global cities...but I only hear crickets!! I want to hear from you!! Please leave me a text or a voice mail at 360-545-3889 or email me hughesfromtheheart@gmail.com…