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March 9, 2022

Jeff Hines: In Search of a Live Liver Donor

Jeff Hines: In Search of a Live Liver Donor

I recently became acquainted with our guest for this Hughes From The Hear episode, Jeff Hines.

He is a friend of a friend and is in search for a liver transplant...hopefully from a LIVE liver transplant donor.

I feel quite ignorant because until I encountered Jeff, I had no idea there was even such a thing. Or that the liver regenerates in a very short period of time.

Some fascinating information for us all in this very important Podcast episode, as well as how you can assist Jeff directly.

Even if you can't help--and that is totally understandable--perhaps you can share this episode and help us get his story and information out to the world as best as you can.

Thanks for the awareness, the spreading of the information, and for your support of the good vibes and positive energy of Hughes From The Heart.

You can contact Jeff directly through his email: igreenthumbs@gmail.com.

The University of Washington website link he references can be found here.

Please consider supporting the Podcast. Much love to all of you.

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